Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Been gone for a while but I'm back!!

I have been away from this blog for a while now, but I am re-inspired to start posting to it again, so stay tuned for new updates!
Although I have been MIA, I have been busy doing what I love to do! Making clothes! Here is a sneak peak of my latest creations. And as always, the pieces you see here are available online. Just click the "shop now" button to your right :-) or simply click on the link below each item "I want it!" :-) . I hope ya'll are feelin' the new stuff and I can't wait to read your comments :-)

These earrings are my absolute favorites at the moment! They are not listed yet but if you are certain you want them, I will create a reserved listing especially for you :-) . I made a nearly I identical pair of these earrings for Queen Sheba and she looooved them. She is one of the flyest spoken word artist around and I just know she's doing them justice. 

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