Sunday, February 15, 2009

Trying to find time

OMG it is a shame how much I have neglected my blogs! To be honest it has been sooooo hard for me to find time write blogs, make videos, or make any new items!!! Life just gets in the way!!!! Between school and work, it's a wonder I can even sneak in a minute to write this post lol! I can't remember the last time I made anything :-( . I really have to manage my time better so I can have more available to do the things I love to do ya know? I am really shocked that I have made any sales at all (although very few). But considering my lack of promotion, a few is better than none lol. I keep trying to amp myself up to get down to business lol....but I'm sure I will get my mojo back in due time. When I do get around to making some new stuff, it will likely be a bunch of spring and summer appropriate some cotton bikini tops (more suitable for water :-) .......maybe some beach bags and whatever else I can think of. If you have any ideas feel free to post them here. Until next time.....I hope all is well with everyone! :-D
All the things your grandma won't make and more!
One of a Kind Crocheted fashions from Wild Child Dzigns, plus random rants that have absolutely nothing to do with anything lol!


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