Saturday, November 29, 2008

I guess we all make mistakes sometime!!! But dag!! Why did it have to be today!? LOL

sooooo I was commissioned to create a bathing suit for a friend. She is having her very first professional photo shoot tomorrow afternoon.She finally came over to try the bathing suit on today. And guess what!!!!! The thing did not fit right!!!
The bottoms were too big!! Not including a few other issues that I'm sitting here trying to correct at 2 in the morning :-( I had to damn near demolish the thing . But I am trying to keep a smile on my face right now although I really want to scream! But what can I say ISH happens. all I can do is try my best to correct my mistakes. I will show you all the finished product once it is done. But the picture above is the result of a whooooooole lot of unraveling that is not yet complete :-( . In the state it was in, I wouldn't even want my name attached to such a creation...the thing was just sooo damn baggy!It is just somewhat discouraging because I have created basically the same suit on two other occasions with no problem (Example: The black suit). What in the world happened this time :-( ?!!!!
That has never ever happened before. But there is a first time for everything I guess. All I can do is learn from it and try to be the best at what I do slowly but surely. I try to give myself some credit...considering that I haven't been crocheting for very long.


So after hours of unraveling and re-crocheting the ooooh so many things that went wrong with the suit the first time around, SUCCESS AT LAST!!!! The suit looked great in the end, and my friend left very happy with the end result, as was I! I was so worried that when she came to try it on again this morning there would still be issues. Had there still been problems with the suit I would have felt like crap because there was literally noooooo time left to fix anything! So I am happy things turned out the way they did. I felt so much pressure to make sure I followed through because this was her ONLY outfit for the photoshoot, and I did not want to disappoint. But all in all, I am happy with the way it turned out.

Friday, November 28, 2008

when the wife doesnt listen

Haaaaa I saw this on someone else's blog and it brought tears to my eyes it was so funny. Lol as a matter of fact I am still laughing right now! This was a mean joke but yet hilarious! I am assuming the gun she had was not loaded (at least I hope not lol) or there may have been a waaaay different outcome!

What the hell is stopping you? Go for it!!!!

Just another random thought. I was sitting here thinking about how so often we don't follow our hearts, or don't follow through on things we have claimed we are "gonna" do "when the time is right" etc. Usually this hits home for me when I find out that someone has passed away. ESPECIALLY someone very young. It makes me think of all the dreams they must have had and didn't get a chance to fulfill. All of the things they said they were "gonna" do. Every time something so tragic happens all of a sudden, I am EXTRA motivated to do all of the things that make me happy, and work towards all of the things I want to accomplish.
When I come to the cold hard realization that I won't be here forever, suddenly I get an overwhelming feeling to GO FOR IT! Whatever it is (doesn't matter) personally or professionally. But then when such harsh thought leave my mind, I am back to my old ways. But the truth of the matter is, it should not take someone dying, or something negative happening for us to follow our dreams.
So often, the thinking is : well, if you DON'T die tomorrow, you will have to live with the consequences of choices you made today. Yes, this is most definitely true! I am in no way suggesting that we go doing crazy things that could really hurt us or someone else in the future. BUT I am saying that people need to stop being so concerned with all the WHAT IFs, and just live life to the fullest. We sit around waiting for the right time and sometimes "the right time never comes". Always waiting for a sign or something drastic to happen before we make our move toward happiness and success. If we take it upon ourselves to declare "the right time" then it is THE RIGHT TIME. So I say the right time is NOW......

Thursday, November 27, 2008

I am intending on making a lot of new things soon, but first I need to get rid of all this stuff I already have lol. I feel like this stuff is in here about to eat me alive!! Everytime I go in the closet, something falls on my head. Soooooooo, with that being said, I have decided to have a sale on my entire shop for black friday. Everything will be 20% off until midnight Friday! Maybe a tad longer because I might be too lazy to go back and change the prices back :-) . So my gross laziness may actually benefit someone for once lol! Pathetic. But hey what can I say? I'm a slacker sometimes and damn proud of it!!!!DON'T JUDGE ME :-)

I got my tags!!!!! WOOOOOOOOHOOOO

lol I know tags aren't normally something to get excited about. But despite the lack of normalcy, I AM EXCITED! I custom ordered my first set of hang tags the other day and I finally got them in the mail today! They are great! Exactly what I hoped for. I ordered the tags because (if all goes accordingly) I am planning to have a few of my items sold in a local store in Richmond called RUMORS. I haven't taken any of my items back to the store because I didn't have tags :-(. I figured it
it wouldn't be wise to have my things sold in a store with absolutely nooooooo tags identifying myself nor my online shop site (Where more items can be found) So, with that being said, I decided to get some fly tags with my shop address on them! I can't wait to use them. What do ya'll think of em?
All the things your grandma won't make and more!
One of a Kind Crocheted fashions from Wild Child Dzigns, plus random rants that have absolutely nothing to do with anything lol!


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