Saturday, November 29, 2008

I guess we all make mistakes sometime!!! But dag!! Why did it have to be today!? LOL

sooooo I was commissioned to create a bathing suit for a friend. She is having her very first professional photo shoot tomorrow afternoon.She finally came over to try the bathing suit on today. And guess what!!!!! The thing did not fit right!!!
The bottoms were too big!! Not including a few other issues that I'm sitting here trying to correct at 2 in the morning :-( I had to damn near demolish the thing . But I am trying to keep a smile on my face right now although I really want to scream! But what can I say ISH happens. all I can do is try my best to correct my mistakes. I will show you all the finished product once it is done. But the picture above is the result of a whooooooole lot of unraveling that is not yet complete :-( . In the state it was in, I wouldn't even want my name attached to such a creation...the thing was just sooo damn baggy!It is just somewhat discouraging because I have created basically the same suit on two other occasions with no problem (Example: The black suit). What in the world happened this time :-( ?!!!!
That has never ever happened before. But there is a first time for everything I guess. All I can do is learn from it and try to be the best at what I do slowly but surely. I try to give myself some credit...considering that I haven't been crocheting for very long.


So after hours of unraveling and re-crocheting the ooooh so many things that went wrong with the suit the first time around, SUCCESS AT LAST!!!! The suit looked great in the end, and my friend left very happy with the end result, as was I! I was so worried that when she came to try it on again this morning there would still be issues. Had there still been problems with the suit I would have felt like crap because there was literally noooooo time left to fix anything! So I am happy things turned out the way they did. I felt so much pressure to make sure I followed through because this was her ONLY outfit for the photoshoot, and I did not want to disappoint. But all in all, I am happy with the way it turned out.



  2. i know that feeling/problem all too well! i really dislike putting something together then having to damn near talk it completely apart to fix a fitting issue.

    you did a great job and she looks lovely in the bathing suit.

  3. If I saw a woman wearing this, 1. It wouldn't be on her long and 2. WOW! I would not care if there are any mistakes. AWESOME!


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