Thursday, September 24, 2009

SALE SALE SALE help me clean house!

Everybody loves sales! How could ya not? lol . This time around, my clutter problem is your gain :-) . I stay in a dorm here on campus so I have VEEEEERY limited space for my craft. Lately, things have just been piling up and I really don't even have room to make anything else until i get rid of some of the things I already have. I had to get a garment rack to accommodate all the stuff I have ( you can kinda see it in the picture) . On top of that. I just got my very first sewing machine and a serger and I am reeeeaaaally ready to bang out some hot stuff for the fall but I definitely need to clean house first.

So long story short. All of the hats in my shop are 25% off until Sept 30th . to get the discount, you need to enter the coupon code: HATSALE during checkout .

Secondly, I just added a "clearance rack" section to the shop as well to try to clear some of this stuff out. Most of the pieces in the clearance section are summery pieces. I am ready to get moving on some pants, shawls, and long dresses. so it's time for the halter top to go lol.
Everything in the "Clearance Rack" sectio is 35% off when you use the coupon code: CLEARANCERACK during checkout to sweten the pot, it is FREE shipping on anything you purchase from this section. (shipping only free if you live in the U.S).
The clearance rack dicount code is ongoing so you can come back and buy things again and again with that code!
Well I think that's it for now. If I feel like blabbing some more I'll be back.


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