Saturday, December 6, 2008

I have finally gone international!

Since first listing items in my online shop I'd decided that I would only ship my items within the boundaries of the US, just because I had heard so many horror stories about offering international shipping. Frankly, I just did not want the headache! However, recently I have had a change of heart. Or should I say my pockets have had a change of heart lol.
While I have made a decent amount of sales through word of mouth, my shop online is not getting the business I feel it is capable of. I know this is partly my own fault for not promoting it as much as I should. But hell, things get hectic (especially around finals time) and it's sometimes hard to squeeze it in. I wish the shop were doing as well as my word of mouth sales. But I am in it for the long haul and I'm willing to stick it out!
I am now offering international shipping because I came to the realization that I was cheating myself by NOT offering it. I had quite a few people outside of the US ask me about my items lately (via the internet), and I turned them away because I didn't do international shipping. I now see that was silly on my part. Missing out on money and customers is NOT a good look. So hopefully things pick up online now that I have made this major adjustment! Wish me luck :-)


  1. i'm sure you'll do great w the international sales. you'll prob even make up the shipping in no time. good luck! i'm thinking i need to be more attentive to my own shop as i haven't been creating or anything. i'm lazy lol

  2. thats good because i know i buy alot of european designer's stuff because i love it and my friends from across the water always say how they like stuff made by not so famous American designers and underground lines but they cant get a hold of it because people hate shipping outside the U.S.


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