Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Finally got my new camera.

I ordered a new camera a few weeks ago (a canon powershot SD890 Is). I already have a camera ( A kodak easy share v1003). I like my kodak ok, but it just doesn't get the shots I need it to get when it is most important. I personally hate playing the "maybe it will and maybe it won't game" when I really need a good picture. The main issues occur when I am trying to take pictures of my pieces...the colors are always off, or they blur horribly (among other problems).I just got tired of it. I got the canon because I had been hearing a lot good things about it. I am still not sold on it yet (but I still have a lot to learn about it so maybe things will look up), hopefully very soon especially considering that I paid about $270 for the camera (on a sale price). This camera was $400 in best buy so I expect it to work exceptionally well! So far I do not think the image stabilization works all that well because the pictures still blur.....more than I believe they should. But like I said, I will have to see. I have found a few settings in the camera that have made the pictures come out a hopefully there is more to that. I have to read the manual.

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