Monday, March 30, 2009

Feeling so violated

Sooooo......someone who shall remain nameless (for now), decided she wanted to duplicate one of my creations ....almost to the T. I am talking about same color, style and everything, has crossed me one too many times. I know she duplicated my piece because she had the audacity to follow this blog, and got caught! I confronted her on the issue, and she clearly got a bit of a tude. But I let it pass and went on my merry way. But today, something told me to visit her website, and low and behold she has also copied my intro word for today I wrote her the following message:

Ok before, I was giving you the benefit of the doubt about the whole shirt thing. But something told me to go to your website! (and I did today) And low and behold you have copied my intro from my website word for word! "Provides unique hand crocheted fashions to represent your own personal style. By offering a variety of vibrant urban fashion. Enjoy the convience of shopping at home and having one of a kind creations at your fingertips!" COME ON!!!!!!!!
All I have to say is that if you truly plan on being a professional and truly want to be "naturally unique", you need to be more original. I do not appreciate you coming to my blogs and my website stealing my ideas. To be honest, it is really pissing me off, and I would appreciate if you would stop. It is disrespectful, annoying, and violating. I am more than happy to offer my assistance should you ever need it, but not if you intend on going about things the way you have been thus far. You will never make it in business, OR life if you can not be original and true.
In addition, I do not appreciate your rude response from the first message.... especially now that I see I was right! I do not expect you to respond, but you SHOULD think about what I have said. It is not only important to me, but should be important to you as well, that you you be original. When your customers find out that there is absolutely no integrity in your work, they will not respect you TRUST ME. A real woman, a real professional, and a real entrepreneur has class, originality and respect for others, and right now you are lacking all of those. Please do not cross me again. Other wise I will report you should you have or attempt to gain any type of business license. There is nothing wrong with a little friendly competition, but there is a way to go about it.

I was sooooo angry!!! You guys just do not understand!!!! What is everyones take on this?


  1. thief!!!

    i've had blogs stalked and writings/stories/writing styles stolen. I dont care because imitation is the best for of flattery however she's messing with your money!!

  2. i think it's sad when people steal your work, your words, or anything that you've created. that shows they have no integrity, no work ethic, and definitely no class. you have a right to be angry. i say do whatever you must to protect your interests.

  3. oh wow!!

    i'm super late, but i think your message to the person was great...making your point firmly without being nasty about it (although i couldn't say you wouldn't have been justified if it were nastier, ha!)

    i think we all have to capacity to be our unique and beautiful selves if we just do it!
    no need for copying.

  4. I have had designs stolen as well. I don't mind if they use it for their own personal use but when they start selling the designs as an "Original" that burns my butt!
    People have no idea how hard it is to come up with an original design, put it into form and to keep it real in the description and pricing, then to have some no talent come along and claim it is His/Her original!
    Your rebuttal letter was considerably low key to what i may have said to her especially after the first confrontation!
    I hope you get some satisfaction from knowing you are not alone, but it hardly matters against lost income!
    Beautiful designs by the way. I love the blue and brown afghan.


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