Sunday, November 1, 2009

Seeking inspiration

The question of the day was "have you stopped crocheting?" Lol. And my answer was ....... "Of course not!". I figured I should put that out there sense that is the 2nd person to ask me this recently. I am simply trying to learn new things (ie: sewing). Therefore I haven't been crocheting as much lately.....and to be honest, my hands are thanking me for it lo!!!! However, I will definitely be kicking out more funky crochet skirts and I may even kick out a pair of pants or two before the winter is over. However, let's not forget that I promised myself I wouldn't over do it this winter because my inventory is starting to clutter my space lol. Luckily I've been fortunate enough to make a couple sales this week so my fashionable clutter is starting to dwindle. But I don't want to start going crazy with crocheting more pieces until I get rid of some more stuff. In the mean time I have been seeking inspiration for some things I would like to work on once things get in order. I've even been sketching a bit!!! Lol I neeeever sketch anything.... But for a few ideas I had to because I was scared I would forget. They look like crap lol but good enough to jog my memory when its time to get down to business and that's all that matters in the end right?! I really want to push the envelope and make some reeeeaaall funky stuff ... I can't wait to get to work and unveil new stuff!

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