Sunday, November 8, 2009


Today it was sooooo nice out! And even though I really wanted to come home and go to sleep when I got off work at 3, I forced myself to get out and enjoy the weather. I had only gotten 3 hours of sleep the night before so I was reaaaally tired. But the sunshine was calling my name lol. I even put my cute boots on today (and I'm a flats type of girl for the most part lol) .

I stopped by House of Lukaya Today ( a shop that carries some of my pieces and has some fabulous finds from local Artisans). I didn't take any new pieces there today though because I didn't really have anything that I was interested in putting there this month :-( . But next month I am hoping to take so cute new pieces just intime for the (fingers crossed) holiday rush lol.

Maybe some of the pieces I am making tonight will make the cut for next month :0).
In other news, Me and my friend Tonya are planning on going to the park on campus tomorrow afternoon to retake some of the pictures of stuff. I want to see how the response is using live models more often so we'll see how that goes. of course you all will be the first to see the pictures :-)
Until next time Peace!

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