Friday, November 6, 2009

OOOOOOO Leather so soft! You know that song right? lol

So thanks to the piece of leather Nikki of Decadent Designs threw in the shipment of fabrics she found for me, last time, I came up with a funky idea to make funky clutches with leather flaps! Now I can't get enough lol! I ordered some leather today in purple and in lime green... the colors are sooooooooo on point.. I can't wait to get them, I hope they are everything I expect! I am going to bang out a few more leather flap bags because I love them so much lol. I got a good response on the ones I already have... although neither one has sold yet lol. But people have really been expressing interest in them so that's always a good sign and the more options the better right?!
Well anywho , you know ya'll will be the first to know when I have some new bags ready!
I current;y have two available for $30 each but unfortunately those will probably be the only leather flap bags you'll see from me at that price :-/. The leather I got today was MAAAAAAAD expensive... I had to convince myself I needed it lol. You know how you see something you want and you sit there for an hour trying to justify the purchase and come up with bogus reasons why you absolutely have to have it lol lol? Well yea.... that was me today lol.
Thanks Nikki for the chunk of leather you sent the first time around.... it sparked an idea that I don't think I would have thought of had you not sent it! P.S. I have not forgotten about your hat!

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