Saturday, October 31, 2009

Expanding my horizons!

As you probably already know. I am currently selling my items on Etsy as well as Artfire. At first I thought two venues is more than enough. But today, I changed my mind about that lol. I have signed up for yet another online venue. Yes it may be a bit much, but I am just testing the waters right now to see which venues prove to be the best for me and eventually I will probably cut out one of the venues.
I joined 1000 markets today because I just felt that I wanted to put my eggs in more baskets and give myself more visibility and a better chance at selling. On top of that I reeeeeally like the look of 1000 markets! It looks very clean and polish opposed to Artfire. I am sure that is primarily because it is a juried website. Meaning your application has to be approved before you are allowed to sell there. As with any venue, it has it's down sides. 1 being it only accepts amazon payments which is very limiting for potential customers, aaaaand they do no do international business... meaning I can not sell my things to customers outside of the US there :-/ . But it was free to join and there aren't any listing fees or monthly bills as with Artfire and Etsy, but of course they take out a small comission when you sell something. But that's still very good because there is no upfront cost involved... so i feel I have nothing to lose by trying it out. But don't worry.... I am keeping my artfire for sure! Because I need to be able to accept multiple methods of payment and I need to be able to sell internationally... so having 1000 markets as my main venue is just out of the question right now. But I just wanted to share the news with you all. I am a firm believer in putting yourself out there as much as you can as long as you aren't spreading yourself to thin!!!
As far as the new shop, it is the saaaaaame stuff on all of my sites so no one is missing out on anything by buying from one shop oppossed to another.
But if you would like to take a peak at it visit:

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